Yellowstone Lake, April 2008

Well, the Reluctant Spring of 2008 finally produced a few decent biking days, with highs of 14-17 C, so I did my first overnight ride of the season. It was a short ride, from New Glarus to Yellowstone Lake State Park, but I made up for the short distance by carrying lots and lots of stuff to stay warm. Since spring has been so cold so far, there's not much green showing up yet, and the lake was about 75 percent ice-covered. The frogs, however, were going about their business in every wet spot along the road. It was cool at night, but there were no mosquitoes and, for a Friday night, the campground wasn't crowded at all. I got the best of the walk-in sites, overlooking the lake. After three nice days, including two on the weekend, it's back to the freezer for at least another week. Nice weekends in April are expensive around here.

Road to Yellowstone Lake, April 4
Ice on Yellowstone Lake
More Ice
Yellowstone Lake
Open Water!
No Lifeguards for Geese

Lots of Warm Stuff
Lake View