April 2000


The Annnouncement, April 13:


If you believe weather forecasts, this weekend looks like a good one for our first overnight trip.  I'm planning to ride down to Albany Friday, then over to Blanchardville Sat.  I'll probably leave early Friday afternoon and take a circuitous route, but those who want to leave later can meet me in Albany.  (Let me know if you want me to bring maps for you, and then be sure to show up.)  Many variations are possible, with daily distances as low as about 35 miles.


Enjoy bug-free bicycle camping while it lasts!



The Report, April 17:


Only in Wisconsin can you start a weekend trip in August and finish it in November.  As far as I know, all 5 of us survived, but it was a cold, long ride into the wind yesterday from Blanchardville.  Heavy rain might have been deadly, but it only drizzled.  For future early-season overnight trips, I strongly recommend:


Extra warm gloves or mitts

Rain pants

Helmet cover

Ear protection

Shoe covers

Plenty of warm clothes


(Even if it's 75 degrees on Friday!)